Cashew nuts

Raw cashew nuts and roasted cashew nuts straight from our farms located in Eastern Nigeria. Our cashew nuts range in grades - you are welcome to select your preferred grade: from W180 - W320 depending on the yield. Harvest starts in February - we just can not wait to serve you fresh nuts!

In 2017, the raw cashew nut season closed at N700,000 per tonne ($1,944). In year 2018, we expect to serve serious buyers with the best grades of cashew nuts we also have scorched and splits. Exclusive Options is open to negotiations before the harvest season and during the course of the season which lasts from February to August. We also export roasted cashew nuts. Please send us a message to confirm your interest. We can reserve a good quantity for you from our farms and from neighboring farms.


Our cocoa farms located in Ondo state in the western part of Nigeria, produce premium cocoa beans. Our cocoa beans are processed for export, so they are carefully handled, in order to satisfy unforgiving high international standards. Enjoy some of the best West African cocoa there is. Our major varieties are the criollo, forastero and trinitario. We are able to export cocoa butter, cocoa beans and cocoa powder.

The Criollo variety is considered luxury cocoa. Only mildly bitter, it has a smooth cocoa taste with distinctive secondary aromas and noticeable hints of nuts, caramel, forest fruits and even tobacco. The Forastero variety is considered the ancestor of all cocoa varieties, it is slightly bitter or acidic in some cases and it is the most commonly available. It produces a robust chocolates flavour. The Trinitario variety is a cross between criollo and forastero. It has a mild acidic flavour, strong cocoa taste and aromatic nature.

Palm produce

Palm oil - This is the oil that is extracted from the body of the whole fresh fruits. The oil is used in cosmetics and is consumed as food (rich in palmoleic and oleic acids). The produce are exported in metric tonnes.

PKO – Palm Kernel Oil. This is the oil that is extracted from the nut of the kernel after is it shelled.

PKC – Palm Kernel Cake. This is a by-product of the palm kernel extraction process and it constitutes a good percentage of the palm kernel process.

Variety of agricultural produce

Because we a part-agricultural company and part-export company, we are also able to source agricultural produce for interested buyers abroad. Nigerian farms are awash with both foods crops and cash crops that are sometimes more useful abroad. And because of our good relations with the local farmers, we can get you these produce at near local market prices in metric tonnes, shipped to your destination using your preferred shipping method.

Products include bananas, rubber, beans, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, yam, millet, sorghum, millet, melon, chili peppers, cassava flour, ground nut (peanut), shea butter, dates, tiger nuts, coconut, ox gallstone and honey. Contact us using the contact page or send an email to info@exclusiveoptions.com.ng and let us know what you want and how you want it. We can not wait to do business with you.